Church History, by the Jesus Movement

Gloating views of those who triumphed by suppressing minority viewpoints. Is that what it really is?

What's the truth about the history of the church Jesus actually started?

For three centuries they hunted us…

This is the beginning of the history of the Jesus Movement. A movement that has confounded kings, eluded empires and defied the ancient gods.

The system couldn’t handle the Jesus Freaks from the beginning, they were executed en masse on trumped up charges, so confusing and obviously falsified that the Roman judge could not find anything that they had done wrong. But, like Jesus, they were executed to appease the will of the public, who hated them.

The Jesus Freaks, by their very nature, are counter to everything that the governments and the establishments of the world stand for, and thus, the institutions don’t know what to do with them. They can’t silence the followers of Christ, they can’t convert them, or make them betray the King of Peace, so the world’s only choice is to try to kill off the movement.

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