Christian Life: Eternal Security

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Christian Life: Eternal Security

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Scriptures on eternal security

How many of you here think that you are forgiven of your sins? OK, how many think you will sin again in the future? How do you know you’ll be forgiven for those?

Example: Suppose ? becomes a murderer . . .

We’re going to look at some scriptures on this topic and then consider some of the implications.

Rom. 8:37-39

Heb. 10:14

Phil. 1:6

What question(s) come to your mind?

When I study this, some questions come to my mind. Do any come to yours?

Why not sin?

Rom. 2:4

The first reason is that when someone loves you unconditionally, it doesn’t make you want to thumb your nose at them.

Example: If you have a relationship with your parents that’s good, and you do something to hurt them, then that hurts you. Even though you know they still love you, it pains you to cause them pain.

Rom. 8:9

The second reason is that when you become a Christian, God’s Spirit comes to live inside you . . .

What this means practically is that God’s Spirit is going to be doing everything he can to persuade you to follow him. This is kind of like what Cindy taught last week. But let’s think of some ways here that God might try to persuade us away from a life of sin (convicting our heart, making sure people talk to us . . .)

Example: All these things and more God used with me for years . . .

What about people who walk away and never come back?

There’s another question that comes up here, and it’s what about the person who walks away and they never turn back to God?

There’s two possibilities. One is that this person was not a Christian to begin with.

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