Buck McCallum

About Buck

Buck McCallum was a figure of leadership and fun, known for his courage and clear, practical thinking. Despite his playful competitiveness, he was respected and seen as a leader by those around him. Buck's approach to life was fearless, often engaging in risk-taking activities that led to numerous salvations, showcasing his profound impact on others. His tragic death in an accident, hitting a snow-covered brick wall, was met with disbelief by those who knew him. Buck was skeptical of attributing such events to divine or malevolent forces, preferring to see them as accidents within a flawed world. He emphasized living a grateful and fulfilled life, evidenced by his own life's happiness and the legacy he left behind. Buck's loss is deeply felt, but his teachings and the "fruit that remains" continue to inspire and enrich the lives of his family and friends.

Buck's Books

The Christian Life
The Christian Life: An Owner's Manual
The Christian Life: An Owner’s Manual provides the open-minded non-Christian with a reader-friendly guide to the basics of Christian belief and the new believer with an understandable handbook on foundational Christian doctrines. Beginning with the biblical teaching on sin, the cross, and salvation, the book follows the flow of Christian experience with chapters on spiritual growth, the personal nature of God, and the authority of the Bible. Anyone who would like a better grasp of biblical teaching or needs an easy-to-use study tool for youth groups, Sunday school classes, or Bible study groups will appreciate this helpful guide to spiritual growth.