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Eulogy given by Keith McCallum, Buck's brother.

“Oh my Ugly Buckling!”. This is how I used to greet him, after not seeing him for a long, long time. “Foooolish Hunky”, he would answer back.

There was a lot of warmth there, in a strange sort of way, I suppose. It was a competitive greeting. I always felt like I lost the competition with “my Ugly Buckling”, even though the kids would always laugh at mine, but not at his. Yet, his “Foolish Hunky”, I think, always reminded me who the real leader in our relationship was: not me, even though I was older. Yet, he was the leader.

That was OK with me: He was great to follow – and fun, too.

When I heard he was critically injured, I never thought for one minute that he would die. What a rude shock to discover otherwise.

Buck would have greatly enjoyed – even instigated – a controversial debate about why this happened. Why? Why? Why?

Was it the hand of God that struck him down? Perhaps God could accomplish an even greater work through Buck’s death than through his life? Buck would shake his head sadly at this absurd notion: “What, God is so limited, He requires Buck’s death to accomplish this ‘greater cause’” ?

Or perhaps it was Satan? Buck would point out the absurdity that either God or Satan guided the sled into that wall, or delayed his arrival at the hospital, so that the bled to death.

Buck would have seen it right away. He was a clear & practical thinker. He would have said, “Foolish Hunky…I died because my body hit a brick wall. The wall was covered with snow. Nobody saw it. It was an accident.”

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